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Naturally-Dyed Fine Cotton Mending Thread - January Set

Naturally-Dyed Fine Cotton Mending Thread - January Set


This limited-edition cotton thread set is inspired by the Cornish flora and fauna that are in abundance during the month of January.


The January set reflects the colours of evergreen leaves and lichens which can be spotted in Cornish stone walls when all other foilage has disappeared. 

- 'January Sky' dyed with indigo

- 'Evergreen Leaf' dyed with indigo and garcinia subelliptica

- 'Lichen' dyed with cherry leaves


An extra-fine, 2-ply thread sourced from Japan - similar to one strand of embroidery floss or sewing machine thread.  


This makes it ideal for repairing light-weight linen and cotton garments with some delicate embroidery, or double it up if you require a thicker thread to use with a Speedweve. 


It has a tight twist which won't split apart as you weave (non-divisible) and a matt finish helping you to create a natural looking darn.


Each colour is hand-dyed using 100% natural dyes some of which are sourced from local, seasonal plants. 


All the threads have beautiful tonal variations which is the beauty of hand dyeing and are fixed with a mordant which ensures they are light and colourfast. **


Each card contains approximately 10 m (33 ft) of thread. 


*Every effort has been taken to ensure these photos are an accurate representation of the colours, but since every computer monitor and mobile device is different, we cannot guarantee the colour will be an exact match to what you see online.


** Please be aware over time the colour will likely fade gradually with regular washing.

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