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Reclaimed British Wool & Denim Zip Pouch (Gingham Lining)

Reclaimed British Wool & Denim Zip Pouch (Gingham Lining)


These one-of-a-kind zip pouches have been designed especially for all you Speedweve/darning loom fans out there!


They are the perfect place to store one of your most treasured mending tools and will accomodate a 10, 14 or even a 21-hook loom.


That being said they could be used to store any small items and would make an ideal gift for any Mender who wants to make up a mini travel-size mending kit. And, the feature wool strip could double up as some teeny-tiny needle storage too.


Designed in collaboration with Aquila Crafts and handmade by Mel in Norfolk (U.K). Each pouch has been created using a selection of reclaimed British wool pieces, denim offcuts and retro fabric. All these pieces have been machine-stitched together with great care and attention.


Every single one is finished off with a nice, smooth zip (colours vary) and a tactile leather pull tab to help you easily open and close the bag.


All the pouches in this collection feature a gingham lining which is finished to a high-standard and the reverse is plain denim.


Bag Dimensions:

Height:  11cm/ 4.25" (approx)

Width: 14cm/ 5.5" (approx)

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