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**SECONDS** Vintage 1950s/60s Dunlop  Tin

**SECONDS** Vintage 1950s/60s Dunlop Tin


**Please be aware the lid on this tin does not close securely, so depending on what you intend to use it for, you may need to secure it shut with a hairband etc**


Thischarming 1960s Dunlop tin can be used to store all manner of tiny mending things from needles to buttons, or even one of our limited-edition travel repair kits - the choice is yours! **Please be aware some items that form part of our mini repair kit e.g. snips & thread cards, do not fit inside this particular tin**


Sourced from a vintage flea market, each tin has been cleaned inside & out and given a very light coating of linseed oil to protect the paintwork.


This original vintage tin has 'character' and obvious signs of wear and tear that shows it's true age - scratches, dings, rust spots, stains etc. The lid is secure on its hinge and opens and closes securely.



Length - 7.5cm

Width - 5cm

Height - 1cm


Please note: this tin does not come supplied with any of the original contents.

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