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Wooden Darning Disk **SECONDS**

Wooden Darning Disk **SECONDS**

PrisFra £4,35

Sometimes things suffer dings and scratches in transit, but it doesn't mean they can't still be put to good use. 


All these disks have either surface scratches, slight imperfections in the wood grain, or small chips - see pics above for examples.  We work hard to ensure we create as little waste as possible, so rather than 'disposing' of these (by burning them in our log burner) we've decided to offer them to you instead at a BIG discount, in the hope they will find some loving new homes!! 


N.B. If you would like one of our custom-made springs to use with this disk, please click here! You will require the SMALL size.




This lovely little darning disk is one of my favourite mending tools- use it to repair clothing just like a standard darning mushroom, but because it has no stem it takes up much less space in your sewing basket.


The absence of a stem also allows you to mend hard-to-reach areas such as: pockets, sleeves, socks, cuffs, narrow trouser legs including skinny jeans & leggings and smaller areas on kids clothing.


Place the fabric of the garment over the disk and secure in place using an elastic band or a metal spring. The band or spring sits neatly in the groove on the side of the disk. To use it hold the disk in the palm of your hand or rest it on a flat surface whenever you need to take a rest. 


The disk has a slightly domed shape on one side and flat surface on the other side. The dome-shape is ideal for darning heels, elbows and knees where the fabric of the garment is shaped, and the rest of the time just flip it over and use the flat side of the disk.


Each disk has a nice organic smooth surface, rounded edges and a v-shape groove. 


These disks are crafted from beech wood and every one has different grain patterns. No oil, wax or varnish has been added to the wood which gives it lovely tactile feel.



Height - 1.8 cm (approx)

Diameter - 6.8cm (approx)


This disk fits our 10 & 14-hook replica darn, so if you're looking for a replacement disk then this is for you. However, please be aware this disk will not fit an original vintage 10 & 14-hook Speedweve model. 

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