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Rectangle Board for 10 &14-Hook Darning Loom (no loom included)

Rectangle Board for 10 &14-Hook Darning Loom (no loom included)


This solid oak board can be used together with your 10 or 14-hook replica darning loom to fix up larger holes and thread-bare areas with some fab colourful mending!


The longer rectangular shape helps you to create a larger surface darn (up to 11.5cm long x 4cm wide) and offers more support for darning sleeves, legs and socks. Use as little or as many hooks as you want to create small, medium and extra large mends.


Please note: this does not come supplied with a loom part it is the board only. You will need your own Speedweve metal loom part to use this board. If you'd rather purchase a complete loom please click here! 


You will receive:

  • 1 x solid oak rectangular board.
  • 1 x shaped wire clip
  • 2 x elastic bands (please be aware our stainless steel springs will work with this board).



Wooden board measures approximately 13 cm long and 6.5cm wide (at the top).


Please note: The original vintage 10 & 14-hook Speedweve models (1 & 2) are also compatible with this board. I can not guarantee other replica 10 & 14-hook darning looms available elsewhere will fit this board, only those we sell in our shop.

The larger 21-hook loom we sell is not compatiable with this board.


  • All about Darning Looms

    A Speedweve darning loom has two parts: a wooden disk and a metal loom.


    The wooden disk has a groove around the side so you can attach the loom to the disk using a metal spring or elastic band.


    Run your fingers across the chain of hooks at the top to make the metal hooks flip one way and the other. This alternates the height of the warp/vertical threads so you can quickly and accurately weave over and under.


    The Speedweve was known as 'Lancashire's Smallest Loom' and was produced by E & A Chesstok Ltd of Rusholme, Manchester in the 1940s and 1950s.

    Two models were produced labelled as: Model 1 and Model 2 (this was often stamped on the back of the metal loom).

    An additional fine loom with 14 hooks instead of 10 was also made for darning silk and linen.

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