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Variegated Alpaca Darning Yarn (2-Ply)

Variegated Alpaca Darning Yarn (2-Ply)

PrisFra £3,30

Wow, these variegated alpaca darning yarns are perfect for a quick colourful repair to finely knitted garments such as alpaca, cashmere or merino.


A soft yet strong 2-ply yarn which can be split down to a single strand for mending fine knitwear, or doubled up if you require a thicker yarn for your mending project.


This luxurious yarn is spun and dyed in Peru using 100% baby alpaca fibre. It contains no added synthetic fibres unlike most darning wool or mending yarns and therefore releases no micro-plastics in the wash. We much prefer to source pure yarn which helps to reduce our impact on the planet, so this one gets a big tick from us!


Not only that, but did you know alpaca is ideal for those who are sensitive to other wool fibres? Alpacas do not produce any lanolin at all, which makes pure alpaca wool hypoallergenic and safe for allergy sufferers.  


Each card contains approximately 10 m (33 ft) of yarn.


The spacing between each colour change/repeat is approx 7cm.


Please Note: Every effort has been taken to ensure these photos are an accurate representation of the colours, but since every computer monitor and mobile device is different, we cannot guarantee the colour will be an exact match to what you see online.

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