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Preloved Pysanky Darning Egg

Preloved Pysanky Darning Egg


If you've never heard of Pysanky before, it's a tradition that's deeply rooted in Ukrainian culture whereby eggs are decorated using a wax resist method and then given as gifts to family and friends at Easter.


Even though these beautiful painted eggs have never been used as darning eggs in their past life, doesn't mean they can't have a second life as a mending aid. 


Suitable for:

  • darning socks, gloves or similar items.
  • mending small holes, mini tears, thread bare areas and disguising a stain!


This darning tool was an essential item back in the day,  as self-reliant women often had to make and repair all their clothing. They were commonly made using wood as it was widely availiable and not too expensive. 


A darning egg made it much easier to repair socks, particulary the toe and heel area. The smaller size and shape meant it could be placed inside socks without stretching the fabric too much. 


Each egg has a little 'character' e.g surface scratches, dents or marks from it's previous life giving it an authentic vintage feel.


All these eggs are a similar size - approximately 6cm / 2.3" high


Each one is made from a type of wood which has then been hand-painted with a very intricate geometric design.

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